I'm driving to Houston in a couple of days to pick up a Durst Laborator 138s that I bought in an on-line auction. One of those classic deals: I don't know what I'm actually getting, but it was such a great deal I couldn't pass it up

Now I have a few questions for those who know about these beasts:

1. How easy is it to take the head off for shipping, how do I do it, and what tools do I need to take along for that?

2. Are parts available for these? It comes with 3 condensers and 2 negative carriers but the seller couldn't tell me much about them. I'd like to get the full complement of condensers and carriers and use it for everything from 35mm->5x7.

3. Are parts from other Durst models (G139, for example) interchangeable?

4. Does anyone have the Durst site URL? Google keeps giving me "www.durst-pro-usa.com" but that never works.

Anything else I should know?