Hi all,

Just looking into UV sources so that I can do cyanotype printing - I live in the UK so the sun isn't something that is usually there or indeed reliable for exposures, I have found some grow lights which come as a kit with the reflector, bulb and ballast so basically plug and play. Its a 600w system which is a tad more than the 36W UV nail lamps I have seen and it seems to be more powerful than some of the multi bulb DIY setups using 4 x 15w bulbs. As its used for plant growing its not really going to cook the plant so I am guessing its ok. I could always add some cooling fans or something if needed - the shop also does cooled reflectors which have an air vent you can pump air through to cool the setup as well.


Would something like this be ok? I like the fact that its quite powerful as well as its plug and play so I don't need to wire anything up myself, there are also lower wattage kits at around 125W, but they aren't much cheaper than this 600w setup lol

What do people think? I can't really afford a UV printer (funnily enough!) and I am looking for a simple but effective setup to do cyanotypes on when the sun isn't out/at night so I can do them whenever I want.