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Wow, man. like The-Dude-on-the-Street's Hasselblad can turn Ilford FP4+ film into FujiColor Pro 400H!

I gotta getme one ov dem!
Well yeah, there were several dudes :P (but for future reference, the guy on the street is Kai and the other dude is Mark) I don't know why I interpreted the question to mean which film is Mark shooting in the studio, since we don't see any shots of his results. D'oh. o\

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He never uses a strap for anything.
Well, he DOES use Canon straps for his Nikon cameras (sometimes) Seeing him load the film was particularly cringeworthy.

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But the real question....is the Pentax 67 better?
Heh. I was quite surprised when Mark mentioned he didn't service the camera since he got it 30 years ago. Well, I guess it doesn't leave the studio much, but still.