I was thinking of getting a Polaroid 600SE for peel-apart fun and for the 6X9 back as I am a Medium Format guy. I waited for a good deal to come along and in my estimation, one has.

A friend is selling his and has kindly lent it to me to try. It is a full kit (2 polaroid backs, 1 6X9 back, 75, 127 & 150mm lenses, wide angle viewer, various masks) in near perfect condition. It's going for a reasonable price.

Anyway, I've taken it for a spin and need to spend more time with it. I find it hard to work with though, it's huge, cumbersome and I find I fumble about with it when I should be taking pictures - (I mainly use Mamiya 7, RZ67 or a Hasselblad 500). I am keen to see if 6X9 can work for me.

Are there any other 600SE users here and do they find working with it a problem or does your 600SE work for you?

Many thanks in advance for your replies.