For the last couple of weeks I have been contemplating this thought. Now as much as I can't fault my Bronica SQA's performance I have to admit, I have become too lazy/busy to carry and (effectively) use the system. The fact that it has interchangable lenses does not help because I am always tempted to take most of them along, just in case, and I tend to use the 80mm 90% of the time anyway. Plus at the speed I use it (effectively!) and my average output, I might as well get a LF in the future if I want to take my time.

Now, I have been thinking selling/trading in this Bronica kit and getting a Rolleiflex and/or/maybe after a bit of saving a Fuji GW690(I.II or III), I have looked at the Mamiya & Bronica RF too, but they bring back in the lusting for more lenses problem, plus the Bronica RF is 645, which I have always thought an akward format.

I already have a YashicaMat, that gets used more than the Bronica, so a second TLR (and Rollei's being pretty good last time I checked) might be good.

I might be barking up the wrong lamppole (never mind tree) but I feel the need to simplify some of the aspects of my photography...too much stuff is just that...too much

PS: I have no illusions that different gear will make me a better photographer, just a less tired one