Sepia toning is showing that the prints were probably not fixed or washed properly.

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Need help. Frustated.
I developed about twenty pictures a while ago. Ilford FB Neutral tone, I used a two bath Alkaline fixer. They where washed and they looked fine. Yestreday I soaked them and toned them in Selenium lightly washed them again and toned them in Sepia (the rotten eggs one in winter at night with an open window, brrr..). Then washed them again and put them in Sistan (the Adox version) and stretched them on glass to get them flat. Now they are yellow.
Does anybody have an idea where I should look first to try and solve the problem.
If the paper is fogged is it possible to see the fogging only after it is toned in Sepia, thus the yellow. Where before it actually looked fine. Could it be the Sistan? I know if it does not get wipped off properly it may stain.
I am going to try a few things and see if I an find the solution and will post.