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keep what you have and slowly get rid of what you don't use. if you haven't used something for a few years. it becomes a 'for-sale' candidate!. that's a good way o simplify your photographic life. good luck. i feel with you. i keep what i have and i will buy nothing new. i shocked my wife the other day, when i told her to toss the calumet flyer, because it contained nothing i don't already own. i need nothing more ,just the time and the opportunity to use what i already have.
Like I said, this is all just theory, I have not made any concrete steps...things might change. Sage advice none the less...Thanks Mr. Lambrecht

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You might might to consider a Mamyia 6, not the new version, the old version from the 50s. Folds up very, compact, 75mm fixed 3.5 lens, takes S VI push on filters, lens is very sharp. There are other fixed lens folders as well, but if think your 6X6 SLR is heavy try a Mamyia Universal with a 6X9 back and a 250mm lens.
I will look into the Mamiya Six, but I've only had bad luck with vintage 120 folders.... but at least it has a coupled RF, which makes it a bit more interesting.