Hello everyone

After lurking for some months on this board and reading up on my new-found passion of analog photography, I thought it might be time to introduce myself.

My name is Marcus, of German nationality but living in Switzerland for the past 12 years, the last 6 of those in Zurich.

I came to photography as a hobby in general only about 3 years ago, trying to capture some decent images of our dog Muffin. But after having taken about a bazillion pictures of dogs in any imaginable situation I began to lose interest. And that's when analog photography stumbled into my life. I happened to borrow my colleague's Canon A-1, put my FD 55/1.2 on it, which I had originally bought to use on my Sony NEX, and fell in love with the shooting experience as well as the resulting pictures.

I have been shooting almost exclusively analog for about half a year, developing b/w myself and recently started printing in my converted-kitchen darkroom.

My most used gear is currently my M645 1000s with an 80/1.9, a Rolleicord Vb and of course my Durst M70 Vario. I also use a whole bunch of Canon 35mm cameras, among which my favorite is probably my Canonet QL-17. Or the EF. Or maybe the A-1?

Film favorites so far are Ilford Delta 400 and Porta 160, but there are still so many films and developers to try that I expect that may well change.

Very well, that's pretty much it. Thank you guys for being such an invaluable source of information for someone new to the hobby, I'll try my very best to listen patiently and maybe even contribute a little.

All the best