I wanted to thank Fran and Gerry for braving their Sunday to spend a full and an intensive day at my place in Co Wicklow, working through the intricacies of rise, fall, shift, tilt, and swing, bits of the Zone System, and a host of other things that are relevant to Large Format photography.

Fran brought a breathtaking print of backlit trees in a wood, which showed not only his composition skills, but also the beauty of a 4x5 FP4+ developed in Rodinal. I don't think I have seen many better examples of how nicely this combination can work, and while I am very aware of its look in a smaller format—I used to use it in 35 mm—the large sheet of film allowed for acuity to glow (literally) without the grain.

Gerry showed gorgeous colours on his 4x5 Velvia transparencies, add to that very strong, yet clean, sweeping compositions, and we spent a lot of time in front of the lightbox, slightly saddened that the easiest way to take those further would be through digital colour printing...

I promised you a few links, so here they are:

I have enjoyed your company very much, and I hope that sharing some of my experience can be of use to you. I am looking forward to another LF meeting, and I expect some early results, by the time we have our APUG get-together in spring 2013. In the meantime, thanks for the bread, the wine—and the books, which I will return the next time we see each other.