Having been quite fed up after a few trips abroad with my Mamiya RB, 2-3 lenses, 3 backs etc., I recently bought a Fuji GW670III. I was a bit worried at first, I only ever used SLR's and thought the focusing would be difficult, now I could not be happier. The lens is absolutely stunning, as is the rangefinder (huuuge and contrasty), and the focus ring is the best I have ever felt in terms of tactility.
If you are looking for a fixed lens medium format RF you can't go wrong with the GWIII series. However, I do like shooting close portraits from time to time, I wouldn't wan't to miss the SLR for that. If that's something you do I would probably keep the Bronica along with the longer lens(es).
Yes...that is also one the reasons I am thinking of this....less gear to drag along on not-exclusively-for-photography trips, a TLR, a 6x9 RF, light meter, filters & film would take up[ less space than a 6x6 SLR plus backs, plus 40, 80, 150 and 500mm lenses...ooh and do I pack the prism finder? maybe just in case. I am not a huge on portraits close up...so that does not bother me.

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I made the plunge toward a 4x5 LF camera coming from 25 years+ of medium format. What happened is that when when taking out the LF gear, the MF comes along, why, the external meter gives the correct exposure, as i have the same film type in both. So things do not really simplify when you go LF, it simply adds new ways of doing photography.
Ha, good point, BUT, I plan on getting into LF when my son is a bit older....the simplifying part has more to do with my current gear....fixed lenses for now, just to keep me from dragging along a bunch of lenses I might not even use just in case....