Keep the SqA system, and get a Fuji GW690. The 6x9 negative will amaze you because of its size, and it's very portable. But I completely understand the desire for a simple approach, and easy to carry package.

I also have a Cosina/Voigtlander 35mm RF kit, and am amazed at how compact it is even with 3 or 4 interchangeable lenses. It's easy to carry around, if you can live with 35mm.

Back in high school, I shot a Yashica-Mat 124, and got good results, but just a few years ago I tried to use it, and I can't focus it easily, and holding a TLR steady was very hard now that I am much older. So I sold it.

Unless you want to carry around a lot of heavy equipment, or shoot close to your car, a LF camera isn't going to give you an easily portable system.