Just a note of thanks to Ray and yourself for hosting yesterday, and for your generosity with your time and extensive LF and mono knowledge. It was a most enjoyable day, hugely informative and great fun. It was a pleasure to see both your own and Fran's work. My envy of LF owners has but grown, and I will have to keep a much closer eye on ebay and adverts.ie in the coming months!

Even if it is just a small group, having the opportunity to get together every so often is invaluable.

I think the only link I mentioned yesterday related to the only other LF field camera user in Ireland that I am aware of: http://artblackandwhite.com/ It has been some time since I looked at this site - it used have some lovely mono landscapes from West Cork, but on a very quick look just now I see a transition to "D" work, but hopefully still plenty of "A"!

Have a good Christmas and I look forward to our Spring APUG meeting.


(PS - The hobnobs were great and the espressos were the best I have ever tasted!)