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I've had streaks with PhotoFlo and none of the others. I've always mixed chemistry very carefully, to the directions till I find a reason to do otherwise. My final rinse is now a mix of Sistan and Sprint End Run.
May I suggest you just posted a reason not to follow Kodak's directions? I wash medium format film in 500 mL of distilled water. There is no way I would put 2.5 mL of Photoflo in there as Kodak suggests. I wouldn't even put in a milliliter. I use a medicine dropper and just put in a few drops. As everyone else is posting you only need enough to break surface tension. This thread is comical because Photoflo is the last chemical you really should reuse. It costs literally nothing to mix it up new for each session or as I do for each roll of film. Distilled water is a greater expense at ~$0.84 a gallon.