I have 2 - 2 35mm reel high, and one 5 35mm reel high plastic Paterson series 4 (and a few earlier generation ones and generic reels) tanks, and a one high 35mm and 2 high 35mm and 4 high 35mm stanless steel tanks. Toal of 5 35mm ss 35mm and 2-120 ss reels. For 4x5 large format I have 12 4x5 hangers, and a set of 4 4x5 rubber tanks with floating lids, and a light tight one that takes only 1l, and will take 6 hangers at a time.

For b&w roll film, I use mostly the Paterson tanks. I always like to use 500mL of chemistry per 35mm or 120 film, particularly if it is d-76 1:1, or fx-37 1:3.

For c-41 or e-6 work with 35mm I usually use the stainless steel, since I usually mix c-41 and e-6 in 1L quantities and that almost exactly fills this tank, and it wasily fits into my tempering tank.
For 120 it is a toss up. If I have 4- rolls of 120 c-41 backlogged, I will load 2 end to end per Paterson reel, and then can process 4 at once in the 5-35mm reel high tank using the same 1L of replenished c-41 or e-6 chemistry. If only 2 rolls, I may use the 4 reel high stainless steel tank.

BTW, I use the same e-6 bleach and c-41 fix for both processes. They keep, and less stock to store on the shelves. I do not mix the colour and B&W fixes.

For 4x5 in b&w I use the big tanks, dev, stop, fix. For colour I use the smaller daylight tank becuase it can share my 1-l of chems usually mixed for the smaller formats.
For e-6 and c-41 the RB, stop, bleach, pre bleach and fix use the 4 floating lid tanks. They take 1.5L of chems, so U usually have a 1L bottle and 500mL bottle of each of these.

I let my e-6 and c-41 work pile up, so as to process at least 4 rolls before mixing fresh chems if the replenished stuff has sat unused for too long to trust it.

I tend to also let my b&w pile up to some degree as well. I'm not Winogrand, but I do understand his idea of letting the shooting moment leave you, and let the contact sheets stand on thier own as to their content after the film is processed.