Even with a room lights on in my living room I can't get decent exposure in my living room, and the color balance of tungsten light is another issue on top of that. So I thought about getting a 400 Ws studio strobe and using it bare bulb against some corner of the room to produce uniform light for candid shots of wife and kids. In the past I have tried this with compact flashes but their power was clearly insufficient. I realize that 400 Ws is still not all that much, but thanks to Portra 400, Provia 400X and Tri-X I have some hope that I can get at least F/8 if not F/11.

So here are my questions to the forum:

* Will 400 Ws be sufficient for this, assuming ISO400 film?
* Will bare bulb flash create light that looks like normal room light, or am I chasing a myth here?
* Is a corner of the room the right position or are there better locations for the flash?