I buy cheap paper, and gelatine size it with a glass coating rod, one side, hang, then size the back side too once the front is dry. Done as a big unglamorous session when I am feeling uninspired by want to preop for some future alt process work. Usually once every few years. I have never had a problem with the sized paper goping mungy in my cool dry basement darkroom, stored in an old paper box.

The when you sensitise the paper stays flat, and is ready to go.

I coat with either traditional or Ware, using a coating rod,and also cormer hang them using modified 'reversed' wooden clothes pegs hung from a line by openned up paper clips though the centre of the srping, so all the papers hang to take up less space on my drying line.

I find they are ready to go in under an hour if I leave the general self contianed air filtration unit I use for sucking random lint and dust up prior to printing running while they dry, and keep the coated pages at least 2" apart on the line.