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That...sounds...EPIC lol sounds like I should look into those sterilisation bulbs I have seen then, I might look for a 2nd hand face tanner first though as I have seen a few posts where someone has used them successfully on cyanotypes....
Do not use any UV lamp designed for sterilisation -- those more than likely are designed to put out UVC...which is not the best wavelength for alt processes, and is deadly. Blindness and skin cancer danger!

If you want to go with this the system you linked to -- I suggest substituting a Metal Halide lamp, instead of a 'Full Spectrum' lamp. Full spectrums will just pump out a lot of wavelengths (and heat) that you don't need.

I work with a couple 750W self-ballasted, reflector Merv Vapor Lamps, I also have a 450W one. It is nice having them in a separate room!