Love the tonality and texture in that tree.

I want to make images; but I want to have control over my process first so that I don't have to think about all the time. I'm an artist and while I like trying different films, I just want to find a great combination so that I can just shoot ! And getting there is no easy feat because I can be a perfectionist

Right now I have too much information and too many contradicting opinions, and I'm confused even more - the great internet can be a real pain in the ass

I used to shoot Techpan with Technidol and I would like to find something similar. As I stated originally, I want to make 40 inch prints with my exising medium format gear (Hasseblad V). The film will be drum scanned and printed using Piezography or some similar process, and I want to find the 'best' combination (I know it's very subjective) of resolution and tonality.

So with that in mind, I was hoping to get people's real world opinion on these 'new' high resolution films.

From the research I've done:

- Rollei ATP 1.1 is superpanchromatic (and similar to Tech Pan)
Spectral sensitivity from 370 up to 700nm. According to Erwin Puts: Rollei ATP developed in Spur is very close to the original Tech Pan

- Agfa Copex Rapid is panchromatic.
According to Jan (HHPhoto) on the rangefinderforums : "Best deal for Copex Rapid is Spur Modular UR developer. Compared to Rodinal you will get much higher speed (ISO 50), much finer grain, much more resolution and much better highlight detail. No blown out highlights as with Rodinal." He also states the film has a wider dynamic range than Agfa APX 100.

- CMS 20 is orthopanchromatic, more sensitive to blue light. I don't have much experience with ortho films, will these blow out blue sky at high altitude ?