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@ georg16nik: yes, Copex is panchromatic. Sorry for that. I thought I once had seen a graph were the sensitivity above 600 nm goes down very fast.
Maybe 4 o'clock a.m. is not the best time for recalling facts.
Perhaps it was the CMS 20 graph You saw, senstivity drops after 600nm.

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- Rollei ATP 1.1 is superpanchromatic (and similar to Tech Pan)
Spectral sensitivity from 370 up to 700nm. According to Erwin Puts: Rollei ATP developed in Spur is very close to the original Tech Pan
http://www.imx.nl/photo/Film/Film/page7.html .....
Yes, Rollei ATP is the closest You can get to Kodak Techpan, today.

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- Agfa Copex Rapid is panchromatic.
According to Jan (HHPhoto) on the rangefinderforums : "Best deal for Copex Rapid is Spur Modular UR developer. Compared to Rodinal you will get much higher speed (ISO 50), much finer grain, much more resolution and much better highlight detail. No blown out highlights as with Rodinal." He also states the film has a wider dynamic range than Agfa APX 100.
Yes, HHPhoto is right, several other folks on APUG including myself can confirm the above.

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- CMS 20 is orthopanchromatic, more sensitive to blue light. I don't have much experience with ortho films, will these blow out blue sky at high altitude ?....
Use yellow filter with CMS 20 and Your skies should be fine.
Some shots with CMS20 and yellow filter and the last with orange flter.
Developed in Rodinal.