I have received a couple of questions regarding lenses. I'll post them here as well:

1. Can you use RB lenses on this RZ body? Yes, you definitely can. The shutter speed dial on the camera has an "RB" setting to facilitate that. It them relinquishes control to the lens for setting the shutter speed. For RZ lenses, only the aperture is set on the lens. While the shutter is still in the lens, the setting happens on the camera. RB lenses, however, have a shutter speed dial on the lens.

2. What is the difference between lens x and your lens y? What is the max magnification of lens x? See the Mamiya Lens Chart (Note that some of the links in this chart are broken but the information in this chart isn't compiled this well anywhere else on the internet that I can find)

3. Do you have the lens caps and hoods? I didn't see the caps in the picture and the 50mm isn't shown with the hood. Yes, I have all caps and hoods for the body and lenses. The 50mm lens uses a slip-on hood which also works with a few other lenses. I photographed the lens sitting in it's hood as putting the hood on covers the lens information at top of the lens.

4. Are there any issues at all with the lens glass? No, not a single scratch, nothing. I dont see any internal dust either. I purchased the 50mm brand new from KEH last year.

Also, I have the boxes for some of the gear. I know I do for the 50mm lens and I believe also for the 90mm. I also have an extra Grid focus screen which was mentioned above but was not shown in the pictures.