Thank you for helping hand , I am quite understood.

I always posted negative scans done at Gretag Printer. I dont know why but color scans resist to my process attemps with softwares and whatever I do , result is worse. I did few attemps and put to the gallery but they are shame.

My softwares are online photo editors and people use it to put a christmas tree or smiling mickey to the pictures

I am waiting an lightmeter from New Mexico and I believe in what optical designer accomplished and what kodak , agfa engineers accomplished for normal development and exposure.

I thought Rollei ATP and Rodinal 1/150 is the closest thing to Zeiss Triotar pictures and I have a triplet also and the most extreme thing I will do to take acutance to extreme by this way.

Other thing is HC110 high dilution development on Tri X and above and below have similar results .

I dont have a scanner and I will go to the lab and use their desktop scanner.