I don't have a stainless steel tank that doesn't leak, including three Nikor tanks, a Simmons-Omega, a Tundra and several Taiwanese specials. Also, if you don't bother with a tempering bath, take a temp reading of developer going in and then measure it before discarding. I get about a two degree rise on an 8 min. dev time; more if the dev time is longer. Steel sucks heat from your hand quite well!

Paterson System 4 all the way!! I like the fact that the top reservoir will just about hold all the developer on a single reel tank (300 ml) so negs get a complete replacement of developing solution each inversion.

Of course, you can do the same with a 500 ml SS tank with 250 ml of solution and an empty reel in the top slot. But then, I don't appreciate Rodinal on my hands; too messy!

In all fairness, I should add that my Kindermann tanks are pretty tidy but they are hybrids: steel tank/plastic cap.