Oh goodness, I've not touched the shutter at all - do I trust myself to fix something like this right now with my luck?! heeheeheehee! No fear about that!

I've only fixed the back of the camera so far, it was having a hard time opening up to get the film in. Dad's old trick of rubbing a dry, brand-new, un-used bar of unscented Ivory Soap on the door worked, (it opens now AND I found out how to load film for the first try! 3 tries and I'm good.) After the soap trick, I then rubbed down the hinge with some soft Kleenex tissue.

.....but......That shutter isn't something I'd touch. LOL!

I was gonna try to get in to our repair shop today, but had an emergency come up with our kitties getting stuck behind the washer - ugh! -- kitty is fine and I think she did it to be spiteful, she seems to have enjoyed herself back there! -- so tomorrow the Big C's going in - I hope.