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I agree with southmine about the samigon reels, and I MUST apologize to the community for anyone that read my post about how JOBO reels were easier than Patterson, I meant SAMIGON, it's the Samigon that I've been using and forgot that when I purchased the JOBO tank at B&H it didn't come with reels and the salesmen handed me the samigon. Later I hacked up the JOBO tank to make a custom 70mm tank, when I went to my local store they only had Patterson, the tank looked strange but I really didn't want to take a trip into NY just for a damn tank so I bought it, came with Patterson reels too. and IMHO the Patterson tank is amazing, it doesn't leak at all! It is a pain with the lid, but once you get used to it it's fine. The JOBO was constantly leaking, especially with color films, the heat expansion or something pushed chemical out of the lid even if I "burped" it. But not with the Patterson. Also, both Patterson and JOBO reels suck. The Samigon (or theres another brand kalt or Kault or something like that) they have a tongue that sticks out so you can lay the film on it that helps feed it in really nicely.

to summarize.

Patterson tank
Samigon reels

Also, someone mentioned 110 reels by JOBO? JOBO reels fit in Patterson tanks and vice versa, they both have the same diameter center.

Side note to the OP... If you aren't using that MOD54... I will really need one soon and would buy a used one from you if you live in the USA.


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