Again, I am way behind in my comments. I have received fine cards from 15 participants though:

afrank - “Sweet Child of Mine” - A beguiling glimpse of a young look at the world
anikin - “Chihuly’s ‘Bridge of Glass’” - Beautiful, swirling hand printed colour - much appreciated
BoxBrownie - “Floating Leaf” - Depending on the angle, it looks almost cosmic
ChristopherCoy - “Music in the Street” - An excellent print and a nice viewpoint
drpsilver - “Happiness is ... way of life” - A pithy phrase, and a beautiful print
George Nova Scotia - “Tree” - Very atmospheric - makes me think of hobbits
Jenni - “Annika” - A captivating portrait with an interesting choice of framing - subtly printed
kraker - “What’s in a name?” - I do appreciate a card that makes me smile
mjs - “Skin Tight” - An interesting “outlook”, and I like the print
Mike Wilde - “Birds at the Blue Water Bridge”, “After a Dip” & “Time Lapse Testing” - Three more interesting cards from Mike. The timelapse shots are intriguing, the young swimmer is “caught” in an interesting pose but the light on the birds and the water and the quality of the paper and the printing makes “Birds at the Blue Water Bridge” my favourite
Oxleyroad - “Old New Windmill” - A nice, cooler toned image
ozphoto - “TV Tower, Berlin, Germany” - The colour made me think of Agfachrome, and it is
piu58 - “Leibnitz” - A great juxtaposition - dark with light, human with artificial, old and new
rst - “Soccer over Paris” - Made me smile; and
photographer unknown - “Three Seats” - The photograph provides an interesting and evocative mystery, but it would be nice to know who the photographer is (my guess: trsvax ???)

I appreciate all the generous comments about my “Legs”. I hope I didn’t scare too many of you .

With cards from 15 in hand, I just have 9 to go.

Thanks all for participating!