Lots of points to consider here and I thank you for your comments, there is a lot of thinking to on my part.....another few solutions have occured to me lately, maybe I should just get myself a smaller bag? less equipment can fit, no temptation to bring along everything, just in case. The new strap I've gotten seems to make the camera (Bronica) a bit more comfortable to use (When using it handheld, with WLF), though a 45 degree finder looks neat. Rolleiflexes are good (better than the Yashica for sure) and they are also collectable, this reflects in the price (and living in the Southern Hemisphere doesn't help either!!!!) So that will stay on my wishlist for a little longer. Maybe a little old widow will give one to me (I wish!!!!)

Fuji RFs are a bit of a rarity here (never seen one for sale, online in South Africa) so that might also be a bit out of reach...

4x5....that is a future purchase and I am not considering one soon.

I am considering selling the 500mm Bronica lens...I never use it, that and the prism finder. Maybe save that up?