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I disagree that wide-angle distortion is only noticeable if prints are viewed from too far away. Our minds are very aware that the print is flat so any wide-angle distortions are very noticeable regardless of viewing distance. Even if viewed very closely wide-angle distortion is quite plain to see because, again, our minds know the image is planar. Whether or not any type of distortion is acceptable or preferable is up to the viewer.
All I can say is try it. It's a 3D geometry thing.

If you are viewing the subject matter at all the same angles the camera did, things look pretty normal. That angular relationship is determined by print to viewer distance.

I have 24x36 inch print of a cannon with St. Charles cathedral in the back ground shot very wide. All kinds of lines and angles.

At say 4' the "distortion" is apparent, at 18" to 24" it's gone.

Took this shoot to the local camera club and showed them the change in effect and everybody saw the difference when they got close.

I will say that small prints don't do this effect justice IMO.