Hello guys,

After a quick inventory check before the upcoming holidays I found that my Fomapan 400 stash is almost empty (bulk for only 3-4 rolls left) and there's no time to get some more of it in my direction. Since I am not at all interested in going to the local dealer and pay 6 eur a roll for kodak or ilford 400 iso film I decided to see what in the stash I have that has the possibility to underexpose and push in a nifty manner.

Looking at this one (the first pic in the first post)

I am convinced that the five left over rolls of Efke Kb100 I have will probably do very well, and certainly compared to the Rollei Retro 80s and Apx-100 that I have..

Anyone has a clue about dev times for Efke KB100 @ EI400 and XTOL?

Other alternatives of developers that I have in stash are:

Rodinal Special / Studional
Fomadon LQN

And I don't want replies like "Why are you going to push Efke KB100 bla bla bla etc.". Please - Thanks!!