I used to live the the great Northwest (Portland Oregon) back in the mid-80s, and bought myself an Olympus OM-2S and various lens. The NW was great for landscape photography and I enjoyed traveling up and down the coastline and the coastal rain forests, not to mention the volcanos of the Cascades. Fantastic!

Anyway, cut to 2012, and I find myself semi-retired and living on the Gulf coast of Florida.

I have been away from serious photography for many, many years. I have been studying up on DSLRs and micro 4/3 and the like, and my head started spinning at the options out there. Then I thought, hey wait a minute, what about the old OM-2S?

I dug it out of storage, put a couple of new batteries in, a roll of ISO200 drugstore film, and shot a "test roll". Turns out the camera is working just fine. I also found a local photo lab that still values the C41 process (unfortunately, no E-6), and it seems I am back into photography again!

So I will be out there, chasing that early morning and late afternoon light. I'm going to see how many more rolls of film the ole OM-2S can handle!