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All I'm trying to convey is that he could have, and should have, at least tried to help rather than take a photo. That precious time, even if only a couple of seconds, could have been used rushing to the edge of the track where maybe, just maybe, he would have had time to pull the man out of the way. It's incorrect to assume the drunk would have fought the help. The article clearly stated that he was trying to climb out of the way. AND, BTW, I wonder how long the photographer watched him trying to climb out before he took the photo. What makes anyone assume I'm suggesting the photographer risk his own life? What is the risk in at least running in that direction? I'm not suggesting that he put himself in harm's way... that's just false argument to make excuses.
Running over and trying to help a panicked drunk person IS putting yourself in harms way, even if not fighting back he would scramble to cling to you inevitably pulling you in if you lost your footing in the struggle, ESPECIALLY if you are old and feeble..