I 'm looking for a collapsible lens.

My requirement is for it to be useable at f2.8 (for portraits) and smaller than my Summaron when collapsed. I believe both of these lenses are smaller than my Summaron but with the Elmar having a slight edge.

The Elmar ergonomics are supposed to be not the best but for the sake of compactness, that is something that I might deal with. I do not want a non-39mm filter threaded lens for sure.

I have not quite figured out what the consensus is on the old Elmar. How does it perform at wide apertures? Generally OK? I hear that the Summicron is soft but I'm mainly interested in shooting a lens at f2.8 so if they are both comparable at f2.8 then I might as well go with the cheaper/smaller one--the Elmar. I haven't tracked the prices too much but the Summicron is likely to have a bit of an inflated ego and hence costlier.

If I go with the elmar, then can it use the Summicron hoods? I have those so I wouldn't bother with the new screw-on ones.


However, my thinking is that the Summicron is the better lens (between the two).