I've got a few more darkroom items to sell:

1. Two large, screw-in Kodak safelights, amber-colored OC filters, both tested and both work, no cracks or holes in filters--$10 each or $15 for both.

2. Ilford Ciba color processing drum--Fits prints up to 8x10"--Box is rough but the drum looks to be in good shape--$7.00

3. Kodak 5.5" Wratten Series 3 OC Safelight filter--glass--still in original Kodak box--looks to be a dark green filter--$12

4. Negative carrier--hinged, in good shape--35mm--$5


Shipping: $12 on the safelights, $15 for both of them, $8.50 on the drum, $4 on the glass filter, and $4 on the negative carrier.