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I don't have experience with the pentax 67II but I've had other cameras fail in cold weather. I do a yearly night photography project in the middle of winter (middle of Canada) and use this as a way to test and break in equipment. I think you've probably just found the limit of that particular camera system, you may try a different battery (although the lithiums you have are usually the best) or keep the camera inside your jacket.
The mostly mechanical Pentax 67 MLU model with waist level finder may be an option for cold weather that would let you use your lenses, although I've never used one in -7C weather.
I had P67 before and upgraded to P67II because the viewfinder makes focusing so much easier.
Now I wonder if battery fails to deliver enough juice shouldn't the camera blinks its low battery indicator instead of 'Perr' ?

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I have a remote battery cable for my older P 67. The 67 II uses a different style battery, so I don't
know if they ever made one for it or not, but it would be easy for anyone with basic electronics skills
to make one.
Do you mean external battery that you can put inside your pocket? This sounds doable by hacking extra battery cover or by making a trip to hardware store.