For me simplifying hasn't changed anything. It only created a vacuum that needed filling at some point. I've also tried carrying 2 cameras of the same format just for film choices but generally only shot one. The other became a dead weight for a couple of frames and a body to stick a telephoto lens on. It would have been better to stick the lens in my pocket or a belt bag. My best kit is one body and 2 prime lenses and a 2 lb tripod. I can hike and scramble the rocks. If your not opposed to trying a different regime, take the Bronica out next time with just one lens and don't fear not having all the tools. It's actually kind of liberating. If you find that another lens would have been better, zoom with your feet, move back or crop. I also found I had to get over the every picture everytime with the right equipment mentality. I think I've gotten better using less. At least my back and feet hurt less.