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Keep in mind there were at least 2 types of RZ AE metered prisms.
The first type with one single side mounted shutter dial will only work on the RZ (won't on an RZ pro II unless modified)

The later type with 2 top mounted dials will work on the Pro and Pro II.
Is THAT why mine doesn't seem to function on my RZ Pro II?? It is the older one... Anyone want to trade? It lights up but nothing works, makes sense if it isn't designed for the Pro II... Hmmm

I never liked it anyway as mentioned, I really only use it if I am doing a shot where I want the camera higher than I can actually get myself and need to use the prison finder so I can see the scene.

I have never heard good things about the meter, I would just use a hand meter

Yea, so, trade anyone? LOL


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