Yes it was for RC Lustre. If my aged memory serves me well – which it isn't of late, I can recall that they couldn't supply FB in boxes of 100; only in packets of 25, when I made the purchase AND only in Glossy. I would have preferred FB Matte or Lustre but there ya go. FYI the DPP MUST be used under an Ilford 906 (Ortho Deep Red) safelight with a 15w globe 1.2 mtrs from the paper in case you are planning on doing your own chemistry. The usual lot of Ilford chemistry works for this product too (Dev., Stop & Fixer) but it is a very slow paper equiv. ISO/ASA 25 I think?). The person I dealt with, who was fab-o, was named Helen in the Customer Service Team @ Harmon. Best of luck with the paper no matter where you source it from.......
Cheers for now,