For those who have and know about Durst 138 condensers I have an observation. The individual condenser comes in a metal framed container. The lettering on the front handle of that container includes Durst and the condenser size. The lens is mounted convex side up when reading the words on the handle. The condenser is inserted into the enlarger as directed on the top of the housing or head. For 5x7 with appropriate lens a Durst 240 is placed in the bottom slot with the convex side up and the lettering on the handle reading from left to right.

The top condenser is also a 240 and the orientation is convex side down so the two condenser lenses are convex to convex. In my experience this is the appropriate placement for condensers.

Finally; my question is, when the condenser on top is placed correctly, convex down, the information is upside down. The condenser seems to be upside down.

My second question is; I have two 240 condensers and they are convex to convex yet the lettering and numbering is in the correct reading position. How is that possible?

Lastly; is there a "top" and a "bottom" designated condenser and I'm just 'lucky' to have these two if I need them?

Ive looked at numerous photographs of Durst condensers and I haven't seen any like my top 240 condenser. Are they interchangeable and used upside down or right side up? I admit I haven't looked but are the lenses able to be turned in the housing?

Why do I care if it works? A bulb is in, the spotless mirror is in, the condensers are as directed, the lens is mounted on the right disk and the negative in the Glass Durst carrier is in alignment. So why, what if I want to get a 200 or other condenser, how will it fit? Which side up?

So far I have a working condenser and diffusion enlarger setup.

It just appears to be an inconsistency or anomaly.