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As far as I know, if you view an image at the same distance it was taken, the perspective will appear similar. I could be wrong, and I also think the brain perceives perspective in a print different from real life.

If you were to photograph someone with a 35mm lens at 1 meter, you would have to view the resulting image at the same distance?
Incorrect. A 35mm lens on a 35mm camera has a different 'angle of view' compared to the human eye. With a 50mm lens you are roughly correct.

As others have pointed out, it is a matter of taste what is 'correct' and what isn't. Personally, I favor slightly wide to normal lenses for portraiture, mainly because I get closer to the subject, which makes it a more intimate experience. I'm convinced this changes how the images result, because of the intimacy and the reactions it provokes. I also like the much different perspective and view that results from shorter focal length objectives; again, a matter of taste and a preference for a certain way of working.
But in a situation when I wouldn't want to be close to the subject, for whatever reason, I would compromise and use a longer lens obviously. It could be that the sitter finds it difficult to work with me so close, for example.