I'm in the same place as Tim (two posts above). I've pretty much bought every camera that I ever wanted. At the end of the day, there are a handful that I really like: a few SLRs, some folding cameras, a couple of box cameras and some rangefinders.

I'm sitting (literally sitting, as they are under the bed in bins) on a substantial group of cameras that I will soon decide to keep or sell. But it's been a great photographic journey, and I would encourage anyone to try as many cameras a possible and not limit themselves to one camera, one format or one thing in life.

Leicas are great, but they aren't the end game for photography. Same goes for a Rolleiflex, a Nikon or Canon or a Bronica or Hasselblad or [any other camera make].

To the original poster, I would try a few different types of cameras and see which ones you like best and then settle on those.

You might be surprised by what you like and don't like.