Very nice bit of self reflection and evaluation, and obviously this incident stuck in your mind all these years. I agree that life's transgression are there for us to learn from and even as you did, use it as a teaching moment.

The notion of "celebrity" is a complicated one. When one seeks out fame and fortune and pays agents and publicists to built you into a legend, icon, sex symbol etc etc it becomes a bit disingenuous to then cry out for privacy and anonymity when it doesn't suit you. On the other hand everybody should have the right to be left alone when they choose to. Celebrities are often people who crave the limelight and seek out professions that offer them adoration and acclaim to make them feel whole. Unfortunately, be careful for what you wish for.

Interestingly that it's an instance you never forgot and one that she, probably forgot 10 seconds after it happened.

As for the paparazzi aspects of celebrity it's much like a general saying he hates war. Without them/it, they could not really exist. The dilemma lies in the fact that both the celebrity and the general, once they have turned on the tap, it's almost impossible to turn off.

We hear of celebrities chasing, Sean Penning, and swearing at paparazzi but early in their career they couldn't get one to look at them, and through the use of publicists they eventually get them to notice them and splash their pictures all over the media.

So in my opinion your regrets are perhaps overwrought and unnecessary, but then some people are perhaps just to decent for modern times.