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I never remove my film from the cassette to load onto a reel. I clip the leader square, then turn off the lights and start loading directly from the cassette, then cut the film when it reaches the end. This method works especially well with plastic reels, as you can get the film started in the light.
That is bad @$$. Never thought about that. Canon Elan 7NE has an option to leave the leader out when it is done winding. That's genius. So simple. Fortunately/unfortunately 35mm is not my main film and hasn't really consistently been a problem. Medium format is the pain in the butt film.

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Today I fought a long time with a roll of 120 Acros and a SS reel in a changing bag.
How did that turn out? I always get semicircle dents in my Acros after struggling with it for awhile. It makes the situation turn into a downward spiral. The longer I struggle with it the higher the dent count. Which upsets me so I screw up more and make more dents

This really sucks because I go weeks with nothing but good luck. Then I hit a snag with a roll and break out into a cold sweat. Half an hour jiggling a Patterson reel in a dark bag... ridiculous.