PE, I do not think you understood my question.

It is the top layer (or overcoat) I was asking. For Fuji paper, it is light blue. During the pre-wash, I can see clearly that the rinse water came out to be blue. Over time, developer becomes dark, mainly due to the blue color too.

I do not use any safelight with color printing. I've done color printing many times with the same paper, so I know this paper is good. So when the un-exposed paper turns to light blue, I know it is the top layer of the Fuji paper. It was not washed or rinsed properly. This is the first time happened to me and I do not know just why.

To make this go away, I'll have to extend the pre-wash time, or wash the paper with RA-4 rinse. I skipped the rinse stage just because this is only test strip. So it appears I can't skip the final rinse stage.

Hope I could have made things a lit more clearer.