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The blue top layer of Fuji paper is not part of the Dye. It is washed away in pre-wash. It appears to be protective coating, and indicator of the emulsion side of the paper. It is mentioned somewhere that I can't remember. This is the main reason that I'm asking.
Why would you need a dye layer that indicates which side up, on a material that is intended to be in complete darkness until after it's processed. If it's a protective layer, it makes more sense to have it completely clear, so that it does not affect the colour balance. Now if they are trying to correct some aspect of the colour balance, they could put a colour layer on top, which would wash out in processing.

If you know PE's real name, which escapes me at the moment, a lot of the patents for this stuff have his name on them, so I wouldn't argue with the guy, he knows a lot more about this stuff then you or I do.