Hi guys! If anyone needs any 100D or Tri-X process-paid in the UK, please support this dealer, Gaugefilm. I have always bought my 100D from this guy, very pleasant to deal with. I ask people to buy his process paid cartridges if possible, because it will help them raise the money to buy in plenty 100D before the supply chain is depleted, which seems to be happening very quickly, according to guys on the filmshooting forum. To give them time to sort things out with regards to other stocks. He is well regarded for his processing service of colour and B/W reversal, they recently have bought telecine equipment to set up a good telecine service. However they need orders to help them raise the money to get in more stock so they have a good supply while alternatives are sorted! He has process paid Tri-X and 100D, although his supply of 100D is running low, i thought i would post this so if anyone wants process paid film and are UK based, please support this small business in it's time of need! He even sells super-8 cameras and the likes, so take a browse!

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kodak-Ekt achrome-100D-Super-8-PROCESS-PAID-CARTRIDGE-NEW-/181036425506?pt=UK_Photography_Film&hash=item2a269 ca122

Kevin is a very reliable person, pleasure to deal with and has always been great with supply of my film and processing of film for people, I process mine myself of course, but it has been a service that UK customers have benefited from especially, and one of the cheapest in the UK.

Please support this small business in it's time of need! I could not afford the process paid cartridges at this time, my money is depleted due to xmas, a high electric bill, among other things! It has driven me to plan to shoot a roll of Tri-X i have had banging around, just to buy his processing service for it! He sells processing on it's own as well.

Thanks guys!