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Ok so here's where I've got with this.

I went through the motions with a Mamiya 7ii but kept being beaten on price via ebay by sniping software, in the end this appears to be a good thing. I've now got my sights of a Technorama 6x12.
I went to an exhibition in London and saw Luc Delahaye's '132nd' which appears shot in 6x12 medium format. The damn print is 18ft wide. That's where I want to be.

So whilst I'm waiting for one to drop into my lap I've purchased a H1 body and a couple of extra film backs.

Those Technorama's look elegant, wondered about the Horseman 612 but it doesn't appeal for some reason.
There's no sniping "software" it's just people who sit on and wait till the last second

I got my 7II for $800 which is a good price for it. What's your price point?