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How strong is the light output, have you measured it against lets say an 150w bulb in the enlarger ? if the out put is strong I am interested.
Here are the comparisons. Sorry it took so long.

The first print is with the Omega condenser head with a 150W incandescent bulb and an Ilford No. 2 filter. The second print is with a prototype Model 3 lamp head set at grade 2. Both prints were made at f11 for 10 seconds on 8x10 Ilford MGIV RC paper and developed in Dektol 1:2 for 2 min then fixed in Kodafix for 2 minutes.

The results show the Model 3 is about twice as bright as the 150W bulb when using a No. 2 VC filter. When using Nos. 4 and 5 filters, the Model 3 is four times as bright (not shown here). On graded paper, the Model 3 would be expected to be about equal in brightness. However, it is possible to safely double the brightness of the Model 3 at contrast grade 2.5 for graded paper printing. This can be an option in the software.

The Model 3 achieves this brightness while consuming only about 30W of power and transmitting essentially no heat to the negative.

All test prints for the Model 3 will be posted soon to my website.

Question: It would not be difficult to provide an option for f-stop timing in the control software. Is this something that would be desirable?