Try out reversal process for the first time I am using Ilfords information that can be found on google www.ilfordphoto.com/Webfiles/20061291034093.pdf

basically, 10g /L thiosulfate in first dev; 1% sulfuric acid + 2g/L potassium permangenate bleach; 25g/L metabisulfite clearing, expose, develop, fix

I first had problems with the slide being too dark, ie highlights were very dense. I exposed the film for about 1min close to 2 fluro tubes. Im not sure if this was exessive exposure as I also repeated the process again further away and for 45 seconds and it also gave dark results. Should I use a weaker light source or is this a problem with not developing the film initially for long enough? (I developed the film for 8 minutes= I am using HP5+ which is close to normal development time for negative)
Ilford reccomends 12 minutes for panF so I am unsure if i should dev hp5 for longer.

On my second attempt all seemed fine untill 2nd dev, when i poured it out it was tinted with grey. I later found out that this was most likely the silver halide as my slide was completely clear. What can cause this? Is it possible I did not wash out the clearing solution for long enough and it some how cleared off the emulsion during development?

Also, how long is it possible to keep first and second developer- how many rolls can be expected from these? Similar to normal negative development or a shorter lifetime?

Many thanks for your help

summary of questions

-is using two fluro tubes (similar to ceiling lighting) too strong for second exposure?
-what can cause the emulsion to come off during second development? (contamination from clearing solution?)
-what is the lifetime of the bleach, clearing solution and developers in reversal processing?