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As far as I know, the front metal tag is just an insert in the carrier frame that supports the glass, and that the glass in a 240 is the same for both the upper and lower condenser carriers positions.

When I had one of mine apart to attempt a repair (broken glass retaining clip from some past sloppy shipping or being set down hard) I screwed up on re-assembly, and put the tag in backwards. So now I have a 240 with nothing on the label but shiny metal - no text.

That side effect of the disassembly reminds me to use the broken clip one only in the convex side up position. Otherwise the glass is prone to want to fall out of the frame when the carrier frame is withdrawn.

It is the glass that does the work. The label is just that, a label.
I agree, I saw a position sheet in the Durst USA site that shows two condensers both convex side up.