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Just curious as to why you would do this? Adding weight, custom bellows, custom massive lensboards.. what's the advantage ? I have a legend 8x10 and the rig is 15kg as it is.. another rear standard would be crazy !!
hello zem,

To answer your questions...

1. Weight is not a concern since I'm using the 8x10 Cambo as a studio camera. If I want to shoot outside, I have my trusty 8x10 Deardorff.
2. I do a lot of macro photography indoors and often need a 6x (or more) bellows extension for my shot depending on the lens I am using.
3. With my 8x10 Cambo, I have a rail extension piece that gives me 42inches of rail and I put a 5 inch lens cone lens holder from a omega D-5 enlarger on a Cambo 4x5 lens holder on which I mount an Ilex#5 shutter and mount 300mm+ lenses on the front of the cone for a total extension of of 47inches. To get the the full extension, which the present bellows on the 8x10 does not permit, I attach a 30in bellows from my 4x5 Cambo to the front of the tapered end of the 8x10 bellows. Unfortunately, there is a point beyond which I start getting vignetting because of the sized limitation of the 4x5 bellows.
4. I found out I could have a square bellows made, 30 inches long, that does not taper and would attach to the 8x10 standard, , 30 in apart, front and back and then I could add the tapered bellows in front in combination with a 4x5 bellows and would not get the vignetting I get now. So basically, I want a light chamber that is 30 in long and fits 8x10 lens standards at each end.

So, basically, I'm trying to work around a problem of vignetting when I do macro and have 6x or more bellows extension. If there are alternate solutions to the problem, I'd like to hear them.

Anyway, I hope I have managed to clear up the motivation behind my choice.

Regards, Bogdan