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Is this too simple to add?
I always do a Michael Jackson and wear one cotton glove, (on my right hand because I'm right-handed). At times when the film won't co-operate and I have to fu...fool around with it for a while, it's always a soft cotton glove handling it. The bare hand deals with the reel while the gloved hand coaxes the film. Never any damage to the film, even after a 15 or 20 minute battle. When it starts getting at all dirty, I throw it away. They're cheap on eBay.

Well with Acros specifically the problem seems to be bending the emulsion too much causing dents. It's not a matter of mechanical damage from rough skin or nails. The damage doesn't happen where my hands are touching the film. It happens in the middle of the frame. With steel reels you have to purposely fold and bend the film to some degree to get it onto the reel. Interestingly I don't seem to have this problem with emulsions with a thinner base. I guess they are less stiff and not as inclined to permanently maintain inadvertent kinks.